To benefit from our services, you can choose between two subscription modes offered by TradeNet.Please choose your preferred subscription and follow the steps.

Online Subscription to the TRADENET network

To benefit from our online subscription, please follow the next steps:

Abonnement en  MODE PAPIER au réseau TRADENET

To benefit from our paper mode subscription, please follow the next steps:

1 . Retrieve the subscription file by one of the following ways:

      • Retrieve it from the Commercial Department of Tunisia TradeNet,
      • Download it from TTN’s web site after signing up on the portal (link to be added)
      • Send a request by an email addressed to: commercial@tradenet.com.tn

2 . Submit your file comprising:

      • The original documents of the subscription file signed and sealed by the first person in charge.
      • A copy of the Customs identification number.
      • A copy of the company’s tax registration card (1).
      • A copy of the company’s trade register (1).


      • At Tunisia TradeNet Central registry office.
      • By post, to the following address: Rue du Lac Mälaren, Lotissement El Khalij 1053, Les berges du lac, Tunis.

3 . A commercial team will get in touch with you to deliver the network access parameters or to carry out the desired installation:

      • The Tunisia TradeNet support technicians are available to assist you with connection to the network and to help you during your files’ processing in electronic mode.
      • Training sessions are organized by the TradeNet Form Training Center (MFPE accreditation No. 01/16730/439) to introduce you to the use of the service as per your choice of connection mode.

(1) Copies of business approvals are mandatory for Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Shipping Agents, etc. Copies of the approval of connection to the SINDA system shall also be attached, for any operator who has this access.

Caution: For companies that require access to the customs’ documents through the TradeNet network, the customs approval of connection to the SINDA system through Tunisia TradeNet should be filed with the Tunisian TradeNet sales department.

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