TTNControl for Technical Control Bodies



TTNControl for Technical Control Bodies

TTNControl is a Decision Support application (DSS) allowing the management of technical control of imported goods through the Electronic Single Window for foreign trade and transport.


For whom?

TTNContol is intended for all ministerial departments in charge of technical control of imports. It is currently installed at of all the departments of the Ministry of Public Health, starting with the Department of Pharmacy and Drugs (DPD) which is responsible for the technical control of all pharmaceutical products imported into the country. It has also been put in place for testing at the Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources.

What for?
  • To handle applications for technical control received via TTN
  • To view and print attachments
  • To give opinion on a given file (Authorization for Consumption (AMC), Provisional Authorization for Removal (APE), additional information, appointment, refoulement, etc.) by item, by batch of items and per request.
  • To electronically communicate with importers, analytical laboratories and the Customs without any need for moving or filling paper work.
  • To trace the progress of the file and all its history in real time.
  • For a multi-profile management.
  • To view and print attachments on request.
What makes it different?
  • Guides the decisions to be taken and the steps to be followed for transparent management of files, hence it allows for a uniform application of the procedure regardless of the person in charge of the file and regardless of the department.
  • Allows the management of users and access rights according to the profile: Administrator profile, Control Agent profile and Secretariat profile. Secretariat profile.
  • Allows a fair distribution of files on users thanks to a dedicated module for that.
  • Allows for offline work, regardless of the quality of the telephone lines and away from the problems which may arise from them (internet speed, cuts, etc.).
  • Allows local backup and archiving of import / export files, in addition to the backup carried out by TTN.
  • Accommodates a high volume of transactions (large number of files and unlimited number of articles per file).
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