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Since its creation in February 2000, Tunisia TradeNethas been managing the Electronic Single Window for Foreign Trade and Transport which connects the various stakeholders in the foreign trade and transport in Tunisia (Banks, Administrations, Customs, Port Authorities, etc).

TTN is part of the e-government project and is operating under the tutelage of the Tunisian Ministry of Finance since 2002. . The “Single Bundle” and “Transport Bundle” projects, managed by Tunisia TradeNet, aim to facilitate the procedures of foreign tradeand international goods transport, ensure traceability, and reduce the duration of goods’ stay at ports.

Thus, the solution provided by Tunisia TradeNetallows different operators: (Companies, Freight Forwarders and Customs Agents, Carriers, Shipping Agents, Air charter vendors, etc) to process the various import and export formalities in electronic mode.

In addition to its role as an intermediary in the electronic exchange of documents relating to foreign trade and transport procedures, Tunisia TradeNetstands out as a company for IT services and engineering.

Furthermore, Tunisia TradeNetis endeavoring to promote itself as a key operator in the digital economy sector, by diversifying its services with respect to the dematerialization and online services.
In addition, Tunisia TradeNet has an approved training center (TradeNetFORM) which was put in place to support its clients in the process of adapting to electronic procedures.

Since 2016, Tunisia TradeNetbegan to diversify its services, reaching out outside the foreign trade and transport framework, thus enhancing its role as a supporting organization for dematerialization, which places it as a key player in Tunisia’s digital economy.

Thus, in virtue of Decree No. 2016-1066 dated 15 August 2016, fixing the terms and procedures for issuing and archiving electronic invoices, Tunisia TradeNethas become the body authorized to manage the automated processing system of electronic invoices in Tunisia


The TradeNet network is intended to facilitate and simplify the formalities to which economic operators and companies carrying out foreign trade operations, both import and export, are subject.

The users of the TradeNet network are divided between partners and potential customers .

Potential customers are:

  • Commercial or industrial companies importing and exporting,
  • Freight forwarders and Customs Brokers,
  • Air carriers,
  • Shipping and airport agents.

The service provided by TTN is intended exclusively for Tunisian companies and administrations.

The TradeNetnetwork puts in contact, by means of appropriate applications, the foreign trade and transport operators with the various stakeholders in the import and export procedure.

Freight Forwarders and Companies

These two decisive users in the field of foreign trade are essentially concerned by three types of documents, namely the foreign trade title, the customs declaration of goods and the technical control document.

What are the benefits for them?

Les commissionnaires en douane et les transitaires parviendront à alléger leurs charges par une intégration de plusieurs procédures, un traitement et un suivi instantané des dossiers et une anticipation de traitement. They will have an additional ability to handle a larger number of clients and an opportunity to provide them with better service. By adopting the Single Bundle, business relations with the administration become more transparent.

Carriers and stevedores

By joining the TradeNet network, airlines, shipping agents, consignees of ships and stevedores will deal with much more ease all their international freight transport formalities, including a key document necessary for any commercial transaction, namely the manifest.
What are the benefits for them?
For shipping agents, the TradeNet network allows them to better coordinate with their correspondents and optimize the downtime of means of transport during stopovers. They will be able to reduce costs by optimizing unloading time, better manage manifests, as they will avoid double entry, and eliminate the risk of errors.

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