All the solutions offered by TradeNetcould not have been materialized if it were not for the support of the main players in the chain of procedures related to foreign trade.
The main partners of TradeNetare the following departments and bodies:

  • · The General Directorate of Customs (DGD)
  • · The Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT)
  • · The Tunisian Company of Stevedoring and Handling (STAM).
  • · Ministries (Departments in charge of technical advice and control: Home Use Authorizations (AMC), Provisional Removal Authorizations, etc.).
  • · The Office of the Merchant Navy and Ports (OMMP)
  • · Commercial banks.
  • · The Tunisian Navigation Company (CTN).
  • · The Tunisian General Treasury TGT>.
  • · The Professional Association of Tunisian Banks and Financial InstitutionsAPTBEF</a.
  • · The National Office of Tunisian Post –La POSTE TUNISIENNE.
  • · The Tunisian National Electronic Certification Agency TUNTRUST.
  • · The Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
  • · The Tunisian Company for Foreign Trade Insurance (COTUNACE).
  • · The National Institute for Standardization and Industrial Property (INNORPI).
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