El Fatoora


Pursuant to Article 22 of the 2016 Finance Act introducing electronic invoicing in Tunisia and strengthening the obligations relating to electronic invoices, as well as decree 2016-1066 dated 15/08/2016 setting the conditions and procedures for issuing and archiving electronic invoices, Tunisia TradeNethas officially become the authorized body for the management of automated electronic invoice processing in Tunisia and has therefore launched EL Fatoora service, thus strengthening its activity in terms of dematerialization of documents and procedures.
The electronic invoice, which had been requested for ten years by IT professionals and a large number of companies, aims to generate fresh impetus in economic transactions in Tunisia.
As such, Tunisia TradeNetwill play the role of a trusted third party who shall record and archive the issued invoices in an electronic safe, in accordance with the regulations and the international standards in force.
In order to accommodate all business categories, different modes of subscription to the service are suggested, mainly the (EDI) mode allowing the electronic data exchange between the invoicing and information systems of the companies on one hand and TTN, on the other hand.
Subscribing to Tunisia TradeNet’selectronic invoicing service will allow companies to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Secure and guaranteed issuance of electronic invoices
  • Electronic archiving within the statutory deadlines
  • Legal and taxation compliance
  • Secure online connection: easy transmission of invoices without additional hardware
  • 24/7 access: more transparent processing and better cash flow management
  • Easy and economical invoicing at all times
  • Timely payment: customers can process invoices faster.
  • Possibility of electronic dispatch and transmission of invoices
  • Possibility of verification of supplier invoices
  • A significant environmental benefit.
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