Online posting/ updating of foreign trade and transport procedures

Online posting/ updating of foreign trade and transport procedures

As part of the simplification of customs and transport procedures and in order to allow economic operators to anticipate border formalities, Tunisie TradeNet (TTN) in collaboration with its partners has integrated into the National Electronic Single Window for Foreign Trade and Trade. Transport a series of formalities for the rapid clearance of goods, inspired …

Evolution of the tariffs of some of our services.

The company Tunisie TradeNet informs its kind customers that the prices of some of its services, especially those which have remained unchanged since their launch in 2005, will be revised from October 1, 2019.
This revision follows a significant change in charges resulting from the continuous improvements made to the electronic single window to strengthen …

Start of billing for services from August 1, 2019

For more than a year now, Tunisie TradeNet has offered you the free operation of the services relating to the Guaranteed Bond and the Foreign Trade Title Without Payment.
Since their entry into operation, Tunisie TradeNet has not stopped making the necessary improvements in order to best meet your expectations.
Today, Tunisie TradeNet is informing you …

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